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Information and resources on how home sellers can have the most stress-free sale with the lease inconvenience while maximizing for top dollar


Selling a property comes with both financial and emotional stress. Much, unlike many people, are willing to admit, selling your New Jersey home is not as easy as just as money changing hands and you moving out of the property to allow the new owner to take charge of the home.  The memories that come with your home is almost always never easy to let go. A successful home sale involves the right combination of two emotions; the memories that come with your present home and the excitement that comes with moving to a new home. At Buy Sell Live NJ, we look forward to seeing you through this process without any additional stress.


Real estate agents are an inevitable part of any real estate transaction.  However, not all real estate agents are skilled and versatile in this process; this is where the Haynes Homes Team comes in. Combining long years of experience with a dedication to business, we can utilize every successful marketing resource imaginable to ensure you get an optimal profit from your condo & townhouse sale and that this is done within the fastest time possible. You can always be confident in finding this website as your number one condo and townhouse selling resource.




At the Haynes Homes Team, we believe in the expression; more is better. Why shouldn’t you? The more buyers who view your home or who are presented with your home, the higher your chances of selling. With this concept and the backing of Weichert Realtors, we present your home to prospective buyers all over the globe as well as in your neighborhood. By thinking globally and acting locally, we can expose your home to more buyers within our extensive clientele and potential buyers. Ever heard of effective listings or listings that sell? In addition to presenting your condo or townhouse to potential buyers, we also write effective descriptions that are guaranteed to take your home off the property market as soon as it is reasonably possible.


A stress-free sale begins with an effective marketing plan.


Local residences who live and know the communities they serve.


Top-notch negotiation to but the most money in your pocket.



Step-by-step assistance of the home selling process.





Are you getting closer to placing your home on the market?  As a seller in the Greater Essex & Union, NJ area you deserve every successful marketing tool available to sell your home quicker and at top dollar.  When you choose the Haynes Homes Team, you benefit from the experience and professionalism that comes from working with a team of professionals who specialize in selling homes in your area. 


Camille and her team will keep you up-to-date with market statistics, showing and feedback activity for your home, help you understand the ever-changing marketplace with skill and care so that you understand the quickest and most profitable way to sell your home.

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To make you a smarter and better home seller, this website has been created to help you with useful tools and resources that are essential to helping you succeed. You can use the Union & Essex County Neighborhood Reports (directly from the MLS) to help you have an idea of the prices and types of homes that have recently been sold in your area. This would give you a better idea of the price to be fixed and how to conduct the sales process.

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Selling your home in today’s market is always evolving and requires an agent who can move with the always-changing complexities and strategies. The typical agent’s marketing plan is to place the home on the MLS, install a sign and wait for the phone to ring.  Needless to say, your property is not typical – it’s extraordinary.  And an extraordinary home like yours requires extraordinary service.  With the Haynes Homes team, you with receive a team of professionals to handle all aspects of marketing your home. Our 20 point marketing plan includes:

  1. Promotion on over 25+ websites and social media outlets

  2. Pre-listing preparation including staging and pre-home inspection

  3. Professions available 24/7 to handle calls for showings

  4. Enhanced print advertising

To receive our 16 page Marketing Guide which provides an overview of our marketing plan, then complete the form below and we will email the latest version to you.

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