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Introduction to home buyers on how to properly prepare for a successful home purchase 



Start with a buyer consultation with Camille and her team to discover your wants, needs and budget



Search for homes on and offline that best match your criteria based on your budget parameters


View homes in the area, assess the options before determining the right home for you



Submit a contract, pre-approval and additional documents for the sellers review


Once an offer is accepted, complete home inspections, appraisal, lender requirements, and title search 



Congrats! You made it to the closing table. Sign documents & get the keys to your new home!


Buying a home in New Jersey isn’t as easy as you might imagine.  Many people believe that buying a home is all about having the money, looking for a place that fits your desire, paying for it and moving in.  In buying a home, we take you through the complete process of the acquisition, from searching for your home to closing the deal.  At the Haynes Homes Team, we provide you with the most up-to-date property listings available in your chosen area and also provide you with the most sophisticated technology that would aid you in making your search a lot easier.  Buy Sell Live NJ was created exclusively for your northern New Jersey buying needs and we encourage you to browse the buyer FAQ question (link to 10 things you must know page) to intimate you with the most frequently asked questions by buyers in your area.  With our extensive real estate buying and selling experience, you can rest assured of getting the home you always dreamed of quickly, smartly and budget-friendly.

If you wish to purchase a single-family home, multi-family property, condo or any property in the Greater Essex & Union, New Jersey area, do contact me for an initial buyer’s consultation.  Whether you require a previously existing home or you want a newly built property, Camille Haynes and the Haynes Homes Team offers the best service and have enough experience in the real estate sector that would ensure you are covered every step of the way.  Like the popular soccer club – Liverpool - slogan, we never let you walk alone.

We realize the importance of having an agent represent you during a transaction, and we are ready to go all the way with you in this aspect to ensure you are not un-informed or pressured.   It’s not as simple as having someone to represent you.  Having someone with extensive knowledge of the subject topic is a necessity. Don’t take this lightly.


Every buyer's needs are as different as the stars in the galaxy.  At the Haynes Homes Team, we recognize and celebrate this unique difference in us.  Because we have different needs, we need different types of agents to see us through the buying process.  While almost every real estate agent you come across would tell you how qualified and fit for the job they are, we offer you something unique.  Camille Haynes and the Haynes Homes Team go beyond the qualifications to provide you with a team that is qualified, dedicated, ready to work in protecting your interest and ensure your home buying transaction is complete, stress-free and ensure you make the most informative decision available. 




Does any of the following describe you?

  1. You just found your dream property, but once you inquired about it, you found out it is “under contract.”

  2. You need a home, but you hate the idea of having to come to search for available properties

  3. You hate the hassles of closing a sale

  4. You are tired of having to deal with real estate agents that never deliver what they promise

  5. Or you desire the services of a competent and dedicated real estate agent who is up-to-date with the happenings in the real estate market and is willing to walk with you through the transaction process and see to it that you get a good property?


If your answer is yes to any or all of the above-listed questions, you are at the right place. Reaching out to Camille Haynes, you avail yourself the opportunity to benefit from my extensive range of client satisfaction and protection services. By completing the form below, you are automatically entitled to the following:

  1. Updated information on new properties on the market, even before they are put for sale to the general public. The Haynes Homes Team is privy to information about homes that would be going for sale before other realtors get this information. This way you can always make an offer before the property goes on the market and this doubles your chances of getting the property. 

  2. Unlike many other real estate agents, we don’t just tell you about new homes on the market and leave you to locating and inspecting the property alone. When you register an interest in a property, we help you find the property and make a walkthrough video for you so you see how the home you are interested in looks like - if pictures say a thousand words, imagine how many words a video would say. Instead of allowing you go through the stress of driving or flying to see the property, a video would ensure you know what you are purchasing so you don’t need to waste your time and resources on a property you may not be interested in.


By signing up, you are entitled to getting email alerts of new and available properties within your area of interest and price point, best buy lists, access to foreclosure list, monthly market statistics and lots of freebies. You would also receive a comprehensive report on the financial health and status of almost any property you are interested in as well as where it stands among other properties in the area. 

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon!

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