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  • Camille Haynes

Buying a Home In New Jersey: Easy? No. Smart? Yes!

Stay at home orders have been lifted in New Jersey today, effective immediately. This good news will hopefully resonate with prospective home sellers and buyers in the Union & Essex County areas who have been sitting on the fence. Although there might be some people who might be leary to move forward right away immediately, there are are some decision makers who have been actively looking to purchase a home as local statistics show an uptick in the last three weeks.

Here are three reasons for this uptick in activity:

1. Some people need to move. Whether because of a death in the family, a new birth, divorce, financial hardship, or a job transfer, some families need to make a move in the Union & Essex County areas as quickly as possible.

2. Real estate agents across the country have become very innovative, utilizing technology that allows purchasers to virtually:

  • View homes

  • Meet with mortgage professionals

  • Consult with their agent throughout the process

All of this can happen within the required safety protocols, so real estate professionals are continuing to help families make important moves.

3. Buyers understand that mortgage rates are a key component when determining their monthly mortgage payments. Mortgage interest rates are very close to all-time lows and afford today’s purchaser the opportunity to save tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the loan.

Looking closely at the third reason, we can see that there’s a big difference between purchasing a house last year and purchasing one now (see chart below):

Many families have decided not to postpone their plans to purchase a home, even in these difficult times. If you need to make a move, let’s connect today so you have a trusted advisor to safely and professionally guide you through the process. Contact me today to start the process of moving forward safely with your home goals.

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