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Our Virtual Toolbox Helps You Start Your Journey Home, Wherever You Are

I lead a team of Weichert's finance, insurance, and closing advisors. We work together, all under one roof, to keep the path straightforward and simple. 

Virtual Showings - I offer one-on-one, scheduled tours allow you to experience a video walkthrough of every room along with me,  I'll be right there, answering questions as we go along.

Virtual Open House - You can virtually "check-in" to attend Weichert Open House events, with the ability to ask questions while seeing every highlight of the homes.


Live Virtual Buyer Events - These new and unique online get-togethers let you join in and experience Weichert listings, virtually immersing yourself in the home's charm and entertainment potential.


Neighborhood Walkthrough - Virtual tours help you learn about the town and gain additional insights regarding the surrounding areas.

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