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Sell Your Home from Anywhere

Camille and the Haynes Homes Team is committed to providing you with success, advice, and support you need so you can focus on your well-being.  From the first look to the final walk-through, customers can complete their entire transaction virtually with Weichert's real estate, finance, insurance, and closing advisors, who work together to keep the path straightforward and simple.  Explore some of our virtual offerings.

Virtual Showings - Weichert's one-on-one, scheduled tours allow Buyers to experience a video walkthrough of every room along with a Sales Associate who is fully engaged and can respond to live discussions.


Virtual Open House - Potential buyers can virtually "check-in" to attend our Open House events, with the ability to ask our Sales Associate questions, all while seeing every highlight of the home.


Property Listing Ads with myWeichert - The myWeichert ad platform powers geo-targeted Facebook ads for every listing, targeting ads to likely Buyers based on their preferences and prior search criteria.


Live Virtual Buyer Events - These new and unique online get-togethers let potential buyers join in and experience Weichert listings, virtually immerse themselves in the home's charm and entertainment potential.


Neighborhood Walkthrough - Virtual tours help potential buyers learn about the town and gain additional insights regarding the surrounding areas.


Property Websites with Live Chat - Camille can offer customized websites for her listings.  The websites receive real-time alerts and can immediately respond to messages from prospective buyers who are on the website


Interactive Digital Property Brochures - Weichert Sales Associates create brilliant online collateral for every listing, helping buyers interact and engage with properties remotely.


ePostcards - Powered by the myWeichert platform, these digital home previews, featuring comprehensive property information, can be mailed by Sales Associates before listings go to market


Virtual Buyer Consultations - Buyers speak one-on-one with a sales associate, who explain their services.  They learn about the buyer's goals or homeownership and provide insight on current market activity.


Virtual Listing Presentation - Sellers remotely meet with a sales associate who explains how they will help market and, ultimately, sell their property fast for top dollar

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